I woke up (late – slept in til almost 11) this morning full of energy and motivation to finish my master bathroom project; that is, until I reached a dead end with my plumbing and I quit. For now.

So alas, I feel a little narcissistic and feel like writing 100 things about me that you may or may not know.

  1. I am a huge hopeless romantic.
  2. Cuddling next to someone special on a rainy day is one of my favorite things
  3. A perfect date to me would be filling a truck bed full of pillows and blankets, then stargazing.
  4. Music is life. I have a rather eclectic taste in music. 🙂
  5. I love collecting old books – pretty much anything published before 1900.
  6. Due to the past, I don’t trust people easily. So if I open up and let you in, it’s a huge deal.
  7. Even though I don’t trust easily, I still believe in love. I look forward to the day I can give my heart away, this time to someone who deserves it.
  8. When in love, I am that cheesy person who will leave love notes in your pants pocket or lunch, someone who with be loyal and devoted to you.
  9. I may have a bubbly, flirty personality but I am completely loyal in a relationship.
  10. Southern accents are my weakness. Oomph, think I might have to marry me a nice, honest southern man.
  11. Warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is amazing at any time of the day, any time of the year.
  12. But breakfast is my favorite meal and can and will eat breakfast foods any time of the day.
  13. I’d rather be surrounded by animals than people.
  14. I love bubble baths.
  15. I love doing volunteer work – gathering supplies for animal shelters, the food bank, special olympics… whatever makes my heart swell. 🙂
  16. I have dinner dates with my dog. I adore her.
  17. I am deathly afraid of heights – but I’ll go ziplining, I’ve walked the catwalk of the 13th highest bridge in the world, and I plan on jumping out of a plane.
  18. Crying is my coping mechanism. I am not really an angry person, but a good cry sesh is very therapeutic.
  19. I was born in Germany. American father, German mother.
  20. Sitting by a campfire, making s’mores and watching fireflies is a favorite summer activity.
  21. I got secretly married at 18 and my parents found out by the secret service or whomever was doing my security clearance.
  22. I’m an empath.
  23. I either take forever to make a decision or make an impulsive decision.
  24. I consider myself to be an extroverted introvert.
  25. I am claustrophobic and can’t stand being in the middle of a crowd. I have to be on the outer edge. I have to have the aisle seat.
  26. I love cars – mostly cars 1971 an older. I would rather work under the hood of a car (and pretend I know what I am doing) than a lot of things.
  27. I pole dance. (I am taking classes to get better).
  28. I am evolving into a gym rat. Since I learned how to work my muscle groups, I love working out. Lift some weights, do some cardio…afterward I feel great. I feel like I have so much more to do before I reach my goal body.
  29. I have PCOS with insulin resistance, which makes staying in shape absolute HELL.
  30. I love rocks. Even as an adult, I cannot help but notice a rock, put it in my pocket and take it home. I adore the semi-precious stones, fossils and my crystal jewelry.
  31. I love meeting new people. I am the kind of person who can walk into a store and leave with 5 new friends.
  32. I have a lot of tattoos and hope to get more.
  33. I love shoes. I used to have over 300 pairs, but I think I only have just under 100.
  34. Photography is my biggest passion. Now granted, I am not National Geographic quality…but I think I have a skilled eye.
  35. I love traveling. I have a map that I put push pins in for every city I have been to. I hope to fill up the map! Road trips!!
  36. Mario Brothers is my favorite game to play. Ever. Old school NES and SNES Mario Bros.
  37. I LOVE PIZZA. It’s funny how my friends feed into my obsession with pizza. I have pizza shirts, jewelry, stationary… the one thing missing…a pizza tattoo! lol
  38. I have been in the military over 13 years.
  39. I met the President of the United States – Trump. I don’t care what your view on politics is, meeting the POTUS is pretty cool.
  40. Speaking of Presidents, I was sworn in as police officer in Washington DC and served as a security detail for Obama’s first inauguration.
  41. When I was a kid, I really wanted to be a vampire (I’m weird, ok), so I would sit out on my porch some nights and wait for one to find me. hahahahaha
  42. Black is my favorite color.
  43. I have green eyes.
  44. I used to never smile. Ever. I started invisalign a couple years ago and am slowly starting to feel confident about my smile. I just need to stop being a bad girl and actually wear my trays so I can finish my treatment!
  45. I have never done a drug.
  46. I bruise super easily.
  47. I have Lyme disease.
  48. I love being in the woods. I went camping last year (hadnt been camping since 2000 or 2001). It felt so peaceful. 🙂
  49. I am afraid of spiders, but they are my favorite creatures to photograph.
  50. I love the beach. But only empty beaches. Not the crowded ones. >:(
  51. I hate clothes. I do like dressing up cute in nice dresses or in nice jeans and a white tee, but for the most part I would be fine with being a nudist lol
  52. Owls and wolves are my favorite animals.
  53. Laundry is my least favorite chore.
  54. I love making people laugh.
  55. I love doing artsy things – making windchimes, sewing, sculpting, painting, all of it.
  56. I like to nerd out and play board games.
  57. I love old thrift stores. They are filled with such neat treasures.
  58. I ghost hunt. Doing paranormal investigations is so much fun.
  59. Dowsing rod talent runs in my family apparently. But is skipped a generation. Dad, don’t be a hater. At least grandpa supports me, lol.
  60. I probably own more tools than most men. I love house projects – even though they take me forever.
  61. I have bad nightmares and night terrors often.
  62. I have a slight OCD – alphabetized DVDs, arrange my clothes to ROY G BIV, and a few others.
  63. I love hiking.
  64. If you date me, just know that I will steal all of your hoodies. Sorry, not sorry.
  65. I’m not very confrontational. So it’s sometimes hard for me to tell people to FUCK OFF when they truly deserve it. I’m getting better. I’m at a point in my life where I am just tired of being used, screwed over, and being made to feel uncomfortable by creepy people.
  66. I love cooking and baking. My chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes have changed lives, lol. But seriously. I am actually in trouble, because I haven’t made any in a while.
  67. I am a chocolate fiend. Gimme all the chocolate.
  68. Since I was raised by mostly my dad, I don’t really know how to do hair/makeup and all that girly jazz. So the first time I walked into an Ulta I damn near had a heart attack. I recently learned how to contour and I am hoping to learn how to do wing tipped eyeliner and eye shadow lol. ALthough, I rather prefer the natural look – less is more.
  69. I could be completely content lounging on the couch, but sometimes I like going out to a fancy place in a little black dress and sexy heals.
  70. I am often told by guys that I am intimidating and they were too afraid to ask me out. HOwever, I am about as ferocious as a butterfly. So, they’re just pussies.
  71. When it comes to communicating, I prefer talking to someone in person, second by voice phone call and lastly by text.
  72. I joined my first bowling league last fall and it was a lot of fun! I stink at bowling, but I improved a bit during the season.
  73. I had my first beer 1 February 2014. And it was horrible, lol. I learned I don’t like hoppy beers.
  74. I did talk radio for a little bit in NJ. It was a different bu fun experience.
  75. I love bread.
  76. Camaros are my favorite car. I owned a 68 and currently own a 13.
  77. 9 is my favorite number.
  78. I’ve had more things as pets than most people – dog, cat, scorpion, tarantula, peacock, snakes, egyptian spiny mice, frogs, turtles, squirrel, guinea pig, etc etc
  79. I grew up a complete nerd – had my first microscope at age 9, used to raise caterpillars into butterflies and tadpoles into frogs. I had a bug and rock collection. Yea, total nerd.
  80. I was disqualified from my 4th (or 5th) grade science fair. The judges said there was no way I did it by myself, but I did. The only thing I had help on was when my dad took my petris dishes to college to incubate them. Not that I hold a grudge or anything, lol.
  81. I love movies. I could stay at home and watch movies all day.
  82. I am a blanket hog. 🙂
  83. I am afraid to blow up balloons. I’ll do it, but I’ll have anxiety the whole time. One blew up in my face, and well, yea I’m a little bitch now.
  84. I love kissing. 🙂 …the right person
  85. I have moved over 36 times. The longest I had lived in one place used to be 3 years. HOwever, I bought a house October 2012…so I have beat my record. And now I am itching to move again lol.
  86. I prefer hot over the cold.
  87. I have never been snowboarding or skiing.
  88. I once went hiking with my dad in complete darkness and hunted the bioluminescent fungus – foxfire.
  89. I hate candy corn.
  90. I hate peeps (the disgusting Easter candy, not cute baby chickens)
  91. I am afraid of foam – polyurethane foam, to be exact
  92. I love writing. I hope to publish one of my books before I die.
  93. I like collecting old coins. Have you noticed I have old people hobbies? lol
  94. Chocolate is my favorite flavor of ice cream.
  95. I am very stubborn and it takes a lot for me to ask for help.
  96. As social as I am, sometimes I just need to dip out and fall off the face of the earth for a while. It’s nothing personal; it’s just that being around people can drain me sometimes.
  97. I love to sing, but I wouldn’t say that I am …good. lol
  98. I’ve been told I am easy to talk to. It’s not uncommon for me to spend 30 min – hours on the phone with someone. I think my record phone call was over 8 hours. Yikes.
  99. I love carnivals. There is just something innocently intimate about a ferris wheel, the lights and the smells of cotton candy and funnel cake. Another ideal first date.
  100. I like making lists. *eye roll*

Jessica Mariella

Amateur Photographer. Nature Enthusiast. Traveler. Foodie. Green-eyed girl with a big heart from Aschaffenburg, Bavaria.